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The training courses help you get an in depth understanding on accessibility, assistive technology, disability, standards and guidelines.

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Why Learning @BarrierBreak?


Learn what accessibility means and how it applies to product development. You will find courses that will not only assist you in learning accessibility and its impact but also various techniques to create interfaces that provide a better user experience too.


Accessibility should not be an afterthought. You will find various courses that will assist you in implementing accessibility at the design stage to ensure that the product not only meets your accessibility goals but also help in reducing the cost of the product development cycle.

Software Testers

As a software tester, accessibility testing of a product can be challenging if you have no knowledge of accessibility and the various assistive technology products used by person with disabilities. Find courses aimed at teaching you techniques to test your product for accessibility and better user experience.

Diversity and Inclusion Professionals

Is your organization committed towards integrating accessibility and inclusion? Our courses have been designed to help diversity and inclusion professionals to understand the needs of people with disabilities and there by help them foster an environment that is accessible and inclusive.

Human Resource Managers

The learning courses are developed by our accessibility experts intended to equip Human Resource Managers with the understanding and expertise they need to meet the needs of employees with disabilities and create an inclusive workplace.

Special Educators

Find a variety of courses aimed to equip special educators to understand the needs of students with various disabilities and use the right assistive technology in the classrooms and thus enable equal access to education.